What Does Your Traffic Mix Look Like?

One of the most important things to consider when reviewing traffic to your website is your traffic “mix”. A Healthy website gets traffic from several different sources, for several different reasons. Some are for sales, others are for reviews, and still others can simply be for awareness.

Reviewing your current traffic mix can tell you a lot about how “healthy” your site is, and can also help you figure out where you are missing out on potential sales or leads. Here’s an example of one client’s mix:

As you can see above, we’ve worked hard to make sure that they have a pretty even mix of traffic from several different sources. This is essential, because everyone has their own “comfort level” with the internet. Some people get all of their info from Facebook, while others search google, or even use blogs they trust.

How to check your Traffic mix:

If you have google analytics installed, you can see this view by navigating to Acquisition>Channel from the left hand navigation. Then, click the “Pie Chart” icon in the upper right:

This view can help you quickly diagnose where your traffic comes from today, and where you might need some help!


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