Thanks Chillidog Hosting!

Finding a good Host Provider

I help people get their company on the web for a living, and a big part of that can be finding a reliable host provider. Unfortunately, everyone has gotten used to the big hosting companies (ahem godaddy, dreamhost, and a few others) chasing the cheapest deal possible. It’s totally possible to get a hosting plan for less than $10-$20 a month which seems to meet your needs.

Cheap is not GOOD

But, what many business owners don’t realize is that this is a lot like living in a cheap apartment building. If you get the cheapest plan, the server you are hosted on is a single apartment building, with a lot of tenants living near you. So, if they have a party and lots of people come, or they somehow break their site, it can take down the whole box. This is where my clients most often get stuck, and have no real way of fixing it. You can call in, sit on hold and ask about it, and more often than not, you are drawing the issue to their attention for the first time.

I have been using Chillidog Hosting for a few new clients recently, and am now trying to get all of my clients to make the switch. Why? because they care.

Hosting from REAL people

Here’s what I like. Before you sign up for a service, you can see how many “roomates” you’ll have, and how much capacity you need. For many of my clients lately, I’m recommending their “Puppy VPS” solution. This gives them a great mix of value and room to grow, wile also providing a very solid solution that will more than cover most local businesses needs. My favorite plan is about $40 a month, which is a very small investment to make to protect your business.

I’ve had a few minor questions during setup, and the team has always been super responsive, and located in New England, so I know I’m talking to a member of the team, not someone outsourced that spits the FAQ section back to you.

Thanks Chillidog!

With all of this off my chest, all I have left to say is thanks. I look forward to using Chillidog for many years to come.


Disclaimer: I do know the owner of Chillidog, and he is a great guy too!



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