I’m a Google Partner! (Again)

As you may remember last year, I became a Google Adwords Certified Partner last year. Since then, Google has relaunched the platform, and has created some new requirements that I’m actually a fan of. The new platform is one that emphasizes performance, and lends partners more credibility than they used to before. As the new Google Partners page states:

Find a Google Partner

Grow your business with the help of a trusted online expert. Search from over 5000 Google Partners to find the right one for your business.

Why am I a fan? In order to qualify before, all I had to do was pass a few tests. This in itself was tough, but only proved that I was capable of driving the tool set well enough to “pass”. This time around, They have combined a few new elements:

Certifications: I need to pass similar tests to last year, but the focus on the tests combines strategy along with “book smarts”.

Spend: In order to be certified, I need to actively manage at least $10,000 over a 90 day window. (continuously)

Best Practices: Here’s my favorite measurement, which evaluates my strength as a partner on a scale as compared to other Google partners. This is not shown on my profile publicly, but I think it should be. Here is where I rank as of today:

Google Partner Performance

As a potential client, wouldn’t you want to see where I rank? I know I would.

As of today, I am officially allowed to carry the new Google Partner Badge, and am proud to be a Google partner (again). If you know someone who uses Google ads or has considered it, please share this post and let them know about me.

View my Google Partner Page



P.S. Enjoy my candid photo on Google Plus.. I’ll have to put a “stuffy” one up there soon.

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