Google Analytics Academy

This month, Google rolled out a new version of Google Analytics, along with an “Academy” that gives you step by step courses in how to use analytics to meet your business goals. If you have time, I highly recommend you take the course because it will help you decide what the goal of your site is. But, the reality is that many small business owners don’t have time to add something like this to their already huge “To-Do list”.

Analytics Academy

I just completed the first course, and I have to say that it is a great way to see if you should leave your analytics up to someone else or not. I’m going to continue to explore everything they have to offer as soon as they release new units.

As I’ve mentioned before, Analytics is probably the most important tool I have for my agency, and I use it several hours a day. If you are looking for a little help with your analytics, feel free to contact me anytime for a free consultation.


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