It’s Called Vacation For a Reason!

The last time we went on vacation was back in December, and the kids weren’t expecting to go anywhere again until October this year. So, we decided to surprise them with a little trip to DisneyWorld to mark the end of the school year. The surprise was a total success and we had a fantastic time, like we always do down there.

Getting up at 6:30 each morning to grab some breakfast and start the day rolling, I noticed the oddest thing: Runners?! I am a pretty active runner and I try to keep my schedule pretty consistent, but on vacation all bets are off. It’s called VACATION for a reason!

Yet almost every day, I’d see at least 5-10 people doing laps around the resort. This drove me insane, to the point that I questioned my own decision to take a week off. I actually stopped a guy and said: “I run about 20 miles a week, but NEVER on vacation. I don’t know how you do it.” His reply? “You should have seen what I ate last night.”

Sorry, I don’t think I’ll ever run on vacation. I actually wore my garmin 405 last year in the parks, and we walked more than 9 miles that day. That’s the same as my long runs currently, so I know I’m getting some exercise while I’m down there. What about you? Do you run/exercise while on vacation?




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